Our Process




1. We Cook Your Food

With food safety gloves, hairnets and cooking aprons on, we diligently and carefully prepare your meals to perfection. The art of cooking is all about being organized and efficient so nothing gets missed and the food is prepared and delivered to you safely and deliciously.


We have a variety of nutritious meals, salads, drinks and our special cookies to choose from, so feel free to place your order and know your food is in good hands.


2. We Package Your Food

After we cook your food and allow it to safely cool to the proper temperature before storing it in the refrigerator, we carefully package it in industry standard sturdy, sealed, microwaveable, and reusable food storage containers.


Your food will be delivered to your door step in these same containers so you know your food isn't being shuffled from dish to dish which greatly minimizes any kind of contamination.


3. We Store Your Food

After we package your food, we'll carefully place it in either the refrigerator or freezer or both, depending on the type of order you place, where it will await delivery shortly thereafter (Saturday or Sunday).


Our kitchen refrigerators and freezers are kept very clean and are in top working order. They are also set at the proper temperatures allowing for the best food storage conditions.


4. We Deliver Your Food

The best part of our process is when we deliver the food to your doorstep. That's because we know that we're bringing freshly made, wholesome and delicious entrees, salads and drinks for you and your family to enjoy. We also know that we can do this whenever you decide that you're too busy to cook or simply want to get away from all that unhealthy fast food out there and sit down to a healthier meal and feel good about it.


We look forward to showing up to your home with a smile on our faces carrying delicious and nutritious home cooked meals. By the way, your food will be delivered in industry standard cooling and freezing containers so it stays fresh and safe until it reaches its destination. To your health!


Refund Policy

Food:  Abiding by industry standards, and by going above and beyond, we take every precaution and take the necessary steps to deliver to you fresh and safe to eat food.  We, therefore, do not offer refunds on food purchases, unless we're unable to fulfill your order for any reason. Then, of course, you'll get a full refund.

Success Tools: Since our success tools are electronic in nature and easily delivered via email and a link to our website, we also do not offer refunds on these products.

Note: We want our customers to thoroughly enjoy our products and services and ultimately benefit from them. We will do our best to provide the best customer service possible.


If, at any time, you have an issue with our products or services, please let us know. If you decide not to return as a customer, we'll understand and, of course, we wish you the best in your future endeavors.


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